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PyTorch Developer Tools and Libraries

For the PyTorch Developer Tools and Libraries category, does contributing or extending an existing PyTorch Developer Library qualifies as valid entry or you are looking for people to create it all brand new?


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    Hey Suyash,

    The rules say that you can significantly update an existing project but you will have to explain on the submission form, "how you have significantly improved the Project so that researchers, developers, and/or users can benefit from the changes during the Contest Period."

    New projects are preferred, but updated/existing is eligible as long as the updates are significant.


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    Thanks for the clarification, it would help to further explain what is a "significant" update as that sounds pretty subjective. Any examples of what would be considered as "significant updates" would help a lot.

  • Manager   •   over 3 years ago

    Sure thing - I'm not sure if I can give an exact example since each project and category is different, but the updates have to be more than bug fixes or minor text/UI changes. Basically, you have to have added new value with new features or new integrations of some kind so that the judges can see a reasonable amount of work was completed during the submission period.

    If you have an app that existed and the only thing you changed was adding, say, an option to log in with Facebook, then that update doesn't really show meaningful improvements to the application for the users. Does that make sense? We do err on the side of the developers for eligibility, but the judges will look for the value added when scoring.

    All the best,

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